helps advertisers automate digital advertising and bring greater performance. Advertisers can rapidly produce, test, and optimize the best performing ads across social channels.

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Automate image & video ad creatives
Integrate your product feed to automatically generate ad creatives with product data and capture your audience’s attention effectively. Use’s custom&default templates to produce image and short-form video ad creatives that resonate with audience at scale.
Automate and optimize  ad budgets allocation AI-powered algorithms automatically allocate budgets by ad sets, individual campaigns, or overall campaigns along with your custom rules, and optimize creatives exposure to hit your performance goals. will help you automate ad efficiency and maximize conversion rate to the next level.
Easily integrate data with 3rd-party solutions
Integrate with Google Analytics and MMP solutions for more rich data. Optimize your ads to the next level leveraging the integrated data. Manage all steps from ads operations to optimization at a single dashboard at
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